We are reliable.

Support in tough competition.

Delivering even when demand rises. Many of our customers are suppliers for aircraft manufacturers. Risk-sharing and rapid technological change are characteristic of a competitive field that fights with the gloves off. We are also aware that customers expect us to do more than just work for them. Where others throw in the towel, we mobilize all of our composite expertise and stand with them.

Raising unit quantity by 300%.

The request took our customer by surprise. They needed to triple deliveries of components they had been making in a manual lamination process. “Can we do that?” they asked us. At first glance not a problem; it just takes more room, more people, more shifts. But on closer inspection it became clear that the order could not be economically filled using the existing methods. The degree of automation was too low, the personnel costs too high. An alternative production process that met customer requirements would have to be found. And it would have to be found quickly. Close collaboration with the customer was key. In a joint effort, production was switched from manual prepreg manufacture to automated RTM in just 10 months. It’s something we’re proud of.

Other cases

We are analysts.

Comprehensive optimization of production processes.

We are ahead.

Accelerated automation of composites.